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Since its founding in 1976, the Roehl Law Firm, P.C. has been involved in many of the largest and most complex lawsuits filed in New Mexico.

Roehl first rose to prominence by defending the target defendant, the food manufacturer of the three-bean salad in the Clovis Botulism Cases, which involved the second largest outbreak of botulism in the history of the United States.

It occurred at the Colonial Park Country Club in Clovis, New Mexico, and which resulted in 35 people being violently ill and two deaths, with over 5 million dollars in medical expenses. Over 100 depositions were taken, comprising over 10,000 pages of testimony.

  Other high profile cases include:

The explosion of a natural gas drilling rig near Blanco, New Mexico in the Four Corners area. The explosion caused the drilling rig workers to be horribly burned, causing two of the workers to die and another, Roehl’s client, to sustain total body surface area second and third degree burns over 83% of his body, including the loss of an ear and his nose.

Roehl sued Grant Oil Tool Company, the manufacturer of the rotating drilling head which separated, causing the leakage of natural gas and the ensuing explosion.

After spending three days in a warehouse outside of Los Angeles looking at boxes and boxes of documents, Roehl discovered a memorandum from a research engineer requesting changes in the rotating drilling head so that it would not separate during operation. This document became the “smoking gun” which resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement for Roehl’s client in 1986.


In the late 1970’s in the New Mexico Asbestos Cases, the Roehl Law Firm represented Owen/Illinois, one of several defendants who were sued due to exposure to asbestos, causing respiratory illness and death due to asbestosis and mesothelioma cancer.

There were over 40 workers who filed suit and the cases lasted seven years. The Roehl Law Firm was successful in getting its client dismissed from the suits without having to pay one penny.


Roehl represented Amrep Corporation, the founder of Rio Rancho, and Rio Rancho Estates, Inc., in several different complex lawsuits.

These include: the Rio Rancho flood damage cases; the Rio Rancho passive solar design cases; and the Rio Rancho/Federal Trade Commission cases in which over 600 persons who bought land in Rio Rancho sued Amrep Corporation for fraud and misrepresentation involving the sale of lots in Rio Rancho.


In the early 1980’s, Roehl represented a client whose automobile went off the side of a mountain road after a snowstorm coming back from a ski trip in Telluride, Colorado. Roehl sued the State of Colorado for its failure to install guardrails on the edge of the road.

Roehl was able to negotiate a satisfactory settlement for his client, a Sandia Laboratory physicist who became a quadriplegic as a result of the accident.


On Super Bowl Sunday, 1985, the UNM Lifeguard One helicopter crashed in Carson, New Mexico near Taos, on its way to pick up a patient at Holy Cross Hospital in Taos. The pilot and two flight nurses on board the helicopter were all killed. Roehl represented Nancy Dugan, the fiancé of Timothy Brosch, one of the flight nurses who was killed. Ms. Dugan and Mr. Brosch had planned to be married in June, 1985, but when Ms. Dugan discovered that she was pregnant, they decided to be married in the next few weeks following the super bowl.

However, the tragic accident intervened and their child, Tiffany Ann Brosch, never knew her father. Roehl tried this case in Federal Court for 17 days in 1988 and the jury awarded Ms. Dugan, as the parent of Tiffany Ann Brosch, Mr. Brosch’s sole child, the sum of $2,000,000, which was then the largest jury verdict in New Mexico history for the death of a single male.


Robert Leitzman was an Army officer who did two tours of duty in Vietnam during the earliest stages of the war. After his discharge, because he was attracted to that area of the world, he went to Bangkok.

Leitzman had several successful businesses in Bangkok, including part ownership of Charlie’s Superstar, the largest bar in Bangkok at which US Army soldiers on R&R leave from Vietnam could get anything they wanted. In Thailand, a foreigner cannot own anything so foreign businessmen owned assets through nominees who are Thai citizens. Because there is always some doubt as to whether your nominee might double-cross you, foreigners doing business in Thailand seek to remove their assets to another country.

Thus, in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Leitzman chose the area around Carrizozo, New Mexico, as a place where he could keep a low profile. He bought two different ranches for several million dollars and would spend six weeks at a time at his ranches in New Mexico and then the next six weeks in Bangkok.

Upon his return from Bangkok he would fly his helicopter from the Albuquerque Airport to his ranch house. On one such return, in 1986, while flying the helicopter from the Albuquerque Airport to his ranch house, the helicopter crashed and he was killed.

Roehl represented his wife, the personal representative of his estate, in a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the aircraft and several of its component parts, as well as the company which did the most recent maintenance work on the helicopter. Roehl was able to successfully settle that case in Federal Court.


Three workers were severely burned when a natural gas well exploded near Gobernador, New Mexico, south of Chama. Roehl sued eight different defendants and two weeks before trial, settled with six of them for $2,200,000. He continued to trial against the remaining two defendants and obtained a jury verdict of $12,100,000 in December of 1992.

The Defendants appealed that case and lost on appeal. As a result of the additional interest awarded during the appeal, Roehl was able to settle the case for his three clients for the sum of $17,385,000.

That was the largest jury verdict in a personal injury case in New Mexico history at that time as well as the largest settlement ever obtained in a personal injury case in New Mexico.


In 1993, a worker for an electric utility company was trying to restore power while mounted on a telephone pole during a blizzard when the electricity back-fed and he was electrocuted, losing his arm at the shoulder and both legs.

Roehl sued the manufacturers of several of the products involved in the transmission of the electricity and was able to obtain a favorable settlement of many millions of dollars.


In 2002, a Sandia Laboratory employee, on his way home on Christmas Eve, was rear-ended and his SUV flipped, causing the roof to collapse and rendering him quadriplegic.

Roehl sued the driver of the vehicle which rear-ended him as well as the designer of the SUV, the manufacturer of the SUV and the driver of the vehicle which ran into the SUV after it came to rest. Roehl was able to settle the case for several millions of dollars.


In addition to the above cases, Roehl has represented clients in cases involving Ford Bronco rollovers, other gas explosions, and catastrophic industrial accidents involving loss of limbs, paralysis, brain damage and death.

As well as products liability cases, Roehl has extensive experience in medical malpractice. Roehl was the lead counsel for UNM Hospital and its affiliated Medical School for its medical malpractice cases for a period of 17 years. Roehl is the author of the only published law review article on medical malpractice in New Mexico.


The Roehl Law Firm currently represents ten plaintiffs in the salmonella peanut butter cases currently pending in Federal District Court in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Firm also represents 78 people who own homes in the Seville subdivision on the west side of Albuquerque in a lawsuit against Pulte Homes for improper construction.



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